Wheel of fortune casino slots: a short guide

Wheel of fortune casino slots: how to play?

Coin operated wheel of fortune casino slots are among the most popular games in Las Vegas. They’re entertaining and fun to play. Moreover, they’ll give you a chance to get really big rewards and extra prizes with win multipliers. Such games are popular online too. Let’s find out where to find them free and how to play theses slots.

Wheel of fortune casino slots types and rules

There are lots of various games in this category. Still, most of them have similar design. There is main round with reels and paylines, plus the game has extra round with wheel of fortune. In the first part you just spin the reels as always and get prizes from combinations of symbols. The second part is usually started after 3 or more scatter images appear. A bonus round will offer you 1 – 3 wheels to spin, each one with special prize and its amount. It can be a certain number of coins, multiplier, extra spins etc.

Here are the most popular wheel of fortune casino slots you’ll find on the web:

  • Double Diamond;
  • Classic;
  • Triple Diamond;
  • Lucky Spin;
  • Ultra 5-Reels;
  • Gold Spin;
  • Five Times Pay.

There are many other games to choose on the web. Just make sure they offer high payouts, good Return to Player level and lucrative bonuses.


Where to try free wheel of fortune casino slots?

It’s crucial to find a good website to gamble online. Follow such criteria to do that:

  1. It has to be trustworthy and accept gamblers from your country.
  2. The site should have all the appropriate licenses.
  3. It has to offer free gaming with no time lit.
  4. Make sure there are many games to choose from.
  5. Slots should be available without registration.

Follow these tips to choose the best website for online gambling. As for games, here are a couple of useful advices to select a good one:

  1. High payouts and RTP level is a must.
  2. There have to be a couple of bonus wheels to spin in wheel of fortune casino slots;
  3. Progressive jackpot will be a big plus for the game.
  4. The slot hast to be fun and engaging.
  5. It should offer various bet types and the ability to choose the number of active lines.
  6. A good game will offer other special features too.

You can also play all the slots with real-money bets. You’ll have to register and make deposit before that. It all will give you a chance to win hundreds and thousands of dollars in wheel of fortune casino slots.

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